We are at war! Protect our information SMASH CISPA!

We are at war guys and gals!
Yes we are at total war;
To control the direction of war you must control the peoples information.
Some time ago we lost the media and now they are going after our internet.
I get it – your scared! and maybe don’t really give a fuck about fighting, but
we should pick this fight if not any other fight!
Protect our internet at all costs.
Unfortunately most of us won’t even lift a finger.
We would rather post some stupid shit about a cat or some bullshit re-sited story or saying…. Well guess what suckas! these bills look to put you in jail for sharing that very information you so cutely share with your friends.
It might not be that bad right of the bat but these bills are the beginning of a series of bills that will turn the internet into a money making machine for a very small percentage of people.
Right now there is still hope
but that means that we must fight for every inch of the battle field.
we do have an advantage right now though – the ball is on our playing field. The internet is ours.

If you don’t know what to do – just sign a petition;
write facebook a letter saying how you don’t approve of their backing CISPA.
sign a premade letter to facebook from http://www.demandprogress.org
send a letter to your congressman asking them to appose this bill
send a letter to the WhiteHouse
plaster your facebook walls with anti CISPA stuff and go on a FB strike and log in only every other time you would normally.

banning facebook alltogether and going to myspace.
Closing your facebook account

See there are many things that you can do to help this battle. Most things that you do won’t seem like much and won’t seem like they will make a difference but trust me your one voice is shared by thousands and our voice will be heard.
Since we started this campaign FB and the Whitehouse have responded to our petition.
We are being noticed.

We are the 99% and we are not sheep!
we will not back down,
we will not stand aside,
we will fight and we will win!


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We are a family of 6; 3 girls 1 boy We love to travel and learn alternative ways of life. We don't like living our lives in the contemporary way. Love hiking, traveling, and meeting new people and new cultures

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