An Inch At A Time

Stop Cispa and every other bulshit legislation


Let me tell you a little about what is going on with the internet from my own point of view. Up untill just recently technology advancements were reserved for the 1% because the learning curve and cost was so hard and too steep.

We need to be careful with our new-found power and wonder – suddenly you have at your fingertips all the information of the world!
this is power!
this is money!
Today how it is, the internet is free. There are internet provider bills but that’s a different bill.  I’m talking the information that is redly accessible by every man woman and child. There are people of greed that would have that ripped from our hands if they could…If we allow them.

An inch at a time
all it takes is an inch to win a football game.
An inch to win that race.
An inch at a time;
that is how things are won.
These people of greed;  they are patient and an inch is a victory, reaching them closer, and us an inch farther behind.  It might not seem like much but an inch at a time is how they could win.
Help me fight CISPA and every other infringement of this new-found freedom;

Our passion
Our new Alexandria Library.



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