Demand facebook back down from CISPA support

Sign the petition above or our rights as a free people’s is going to domino into a communist style mentality.  This is the first step to fully controlling mankind like the Romans tried  by controlling their information and spreading their selfish propaganda.  Hitler did the same thing to the people’s that he took over.  He burned their libraries and tried to erase their history – the same thing will happen to us if we allow it.

We are at war here!

We must protect the internet at all costs!  it’s humanities voice, that the powers that be would love to silence.  People die for stupid causes while worthwhile causes get little attention until it’s too late; this noble cause is misunderstood because it’s hidden under a vail that claims to protect us.

if all you do is sign that petition – it will be a good step – but if all you do is sign that petition you should search your soul for real cause.

do much more than sign this petition!  Our future depends on it.


About lifeschoolers

We are a family of 6; 3 girls 1 boy We love to travel and learn alternative ways of life. We don't like living our lives in the contemporary way. Love hiking, traveling, and meeting new people and new cultures

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