Stop CISPA Let not our new Library of Alexandria Burn!

Stop CISPA Let not our new Library of Alexandria Burn!

The Grand Library of Alexandria; so timeless that still, to this day its loss hurts people to the soul.  If this library would not have burned to the ground along with most of its works – this would be a completely different place today.  If this information would have lasted; and been built upon from that time we would be far more advanced than we are today.

This grand library was burned for one simple purpose; to undo the people of this new rising culture, that would have freed humanity from the deception of Roman philosophy.  It was no accident but was presented as such to avoid ridicule from the most noble families.  We are re-living this now with CISPA. If this bill is passed, it will accidently on purpose burn our wondrous library just the same as Alexandra.  Our library now rivals that of Alexandria, and  If we allow this to happen every last one of us is responsible.

I always told myself that if I ever could go back in time and give my life for a cause I would have done this to try to save the great library.  Now is our chance; we must protect the internet at all cost for it is our way to a better humanity.  If this bill passes it will threaten our internet as a whole because it will attack it at its foundation (its philosophy) that information is free and ANYONE rich or poor has the luxury to access its wonders.

For all of you that are thinking to yourselves… Well if someone is scared about internet security than they are doing something they probably shouldn’t… but in-fact this is the silliest thought you could ever have;  because not a day goes by that you are perfectly legal in your internet activities according to this new bill.

Wikipedia would be under 1,000’s of violations, YouTube as well.  In-fact every single place you visit on the internet will be in danger from this bill.  If they don’t like you – they can shut your site down.  If you say something that pisses them off – they can shut your site down.  But what’s even worse than this is that you will be legally accountable – punishable by imprisonment for just an accusation.  Think the patriot act was bad? Well this will be 10x’s worse.   Talk about policing the world – how much in taxes do you think you will have to pay for this new system?  Even worse you will be building your own cross so to speak – because even after you pay for this new system to be implemented they will use it to crucify you.  So no I will not back down, I will not shut up, I pledge myself to this noble cause to fight tyranny and fight for my fellow human.  I urge you to do the same.  If there is any cause worth fighting for its information and this is the time to start the fight.

Help getting face book to back down like did last time and we will be ok.  This bill will never pass but if facebook herds the people it will pass with flying colors – Stop for one moment.  Stop being a Sheep for long enough to fight back and at least claim victory to one small battle.  Your kids will thank you if you stand up and shout!

Right here, right now.

Thank you for your thoughts and support


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